What are synonyms of detail?

What are synonyms of detail? : alternatives to minutiae . particulars. specifics. technicalities. fine details

What are synonyms of detail?

What is another word for more details? : Witnesses were able to give police a thorough description of the suspect. What other word would you use to describe more detail? fullercompletermore thoroughmore comprehensivemore exhaustivemore specificmore elaboratemore exactmore meticulousmore particular
Can you explain in detail synonym? : Elucidate , explicate, expound, and interpret are some typical synonyms for explain.
What does describe in detail mean? : Describe in detail means, in addition to its customary and usual meaning, to provide a complete description and explanation of the facts, circumstances, analysis, opinion and other information relating to the subject matter of a specific Interrogatory

Additional Question — What are synonyms of detail?

How do you say go into detail?

synonyms for go into detailanalyze clarify define demonstrate describe disclose expound illustrate

What does it mean to elucidate something?

Transitive verb definition for elucidate. : to clarify, particularly through explanation or analysis, elucidate a text. unchanging verb. : to provide a elaborative justification.

What is another word for detail oriented?

Some common synonyms of meticulous are careful, punctilious, and scrupulous. While all these words mean “showing close attention to detail,” meticulous may imply either commendable extreme carefulness or a hampering finicky caution over small points.

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Is it in detail or in details?

A “Detail” (used as a noun) is an individual feature or characteristic and therefore, the plural “details” is used when you are talking about multiple individual features/characteristics. However, when using “detail” to describe the level of specificity/completeness you use the phrase “in detail”.

What does Exponded mean?

transient verb. 1a: to specify: state B: to argue a position. 2. to explain by laying out a law in meticulous and frequently elaborate detail.

Is it correct to say expound on?

You can use either, and both are valid. “Expound” is mostly synonymous with “explain”. “Expound on/upon” is equivalent to “explain about”.

Can you expound on something?

Expound means to explain something in detail, to set forth an argument Expound is a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object Related words are expounds, expounded, expounding, expounder

Is there a noun for expound?

a detailed explanation, discursion, or interpretation:I have no natural taste for study, expounding, or poring over tomes

Can you expand on that meaning?

She declined to elaborate on her earlier statement. : to speak or write about (something) in a more thorough or thorough manner. Would you please elaborate?

What is the meaning of the word exhort?

Exhort transitive verb definition. urging strongly, advising voters to act morally. to incite by argument or advice. intransitive verb make urgent appeals; issue warnings or advice.

What does putting forward mean?

to offer an idea or opinion, or suggest a plan or person, for other people to consider: The proposals that you have put forward deserve serious consideration

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