What does 3 dots mean in texting?

What does 3 dots mean in texting? : Here are some thoughts on ellipses . Ellipsis points are periods that are typically three or four in number. They indicate a speaker or writer has paused or trailed off in speech or thought , or that something has been left out of the quoted text.

What does 3 dots mean in texting?

What is 🙂 in texting? : 🙂 means “Happy.”
What do text symbols mean? : The definition of a text symbol is a graphic or symbol made with the keys on a keyboard. An example of a text symbol is the heart symbol which is made by pressing “Alt” and the number “3” on an enabled numeric key pad. noun.
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Did you know that Russians have their own unique method for creating emoticons in text? They remove the eyes and the nose from the character:-), leaving only the mouth of the bracket. More positive emotions are expressed with more brackets used, generally.

Using one bracket denotes a simple smile or friendly gesture, while three or more brackets signify laughter. When someone writes a message without using at least one bracket, it can come across as being extremely serious.

Table of Contents

  • About Russian Texting Slang
  • Russian Texting Abbreviation Dictionary
  • Russian Internet Slang Words
  • Fun Exercise: Rewrite the Sentences Using Russian Texting Slang
  • Bonus: Great Websites to Practice Your Russian Texting Slang Skills
  • Conclusion
  • Answer Key
  • Numerous acronyms, misspellings, and slang terms are frequently used in Russian text messages. There is no need for a Russian texting translator because we have a guide ready for you. The most significant Russian slang terms and expressions will all be clear to you by the end of this guide, and you’ll be able to use them all on your own.

    Many Russian texting abbreviations come from the English — ЛОЛ (“LOL”), ИМХО (“IMHO”), and ОМГ (“OMG”). But most of the slang abbreviations are native Russian.

    In order to avoid offending anyone, refrain from using these slang terms in business-related text messages or emails. But go ahead and use them when texting with your Russian friends; they’ll appreciate the effort and find it easier to communicate with you.

    Below, we’ve gathered abbreviations that are widely used now—2018—or getting there. Texting with Russian abbreviations may seem hard at first, but once you catch the logic, it’ll be hard to stop using them. Let’s get started!

    2. Russian Texting Abbreviation Dictionary

    1- Smiles and Russian Text Faces

    • ))) means “LOL.” That’s the first thing that you should know aboutRussian text messaging. Typically, instead of “normal” emoticons, Russians use brackets.
    • Here’s a common example of how a text conversation will typically start, using these brackets, or parentheses:

    Привет) (Privet) “Hi!”

    Привет)) Как дела?) (Privet. Kak dela?) “Hi! How are you?”

    Норм. Как у тебя? (Norm. Kak u tebya?) “Good. How are you?”

    Да тоже ничего.)(Da tozhe nichego.) “Also good.”

    Additional information:

    Some expressions may be confusing, so let’s study them.

    • Норм (norm) is an abbreviation of Нормально (normal`no) and means “Okay.”
    • Да тоже ничего (Da tozhe nichego) is a widely used expression that basically means “I am also good.” If you wanna say just “I am good,” use Да ничего так (Da nichego tak).
    • Да (da) here doesn’t mean “Yes.” It hasno definite meaning and serves as a sentence opener in spoken language (E.g. Да ты поправился! (Da ty popravilsya!) “You gained some weight!”).
    • Ничего (nichego) is translated as “nothing” and basically means “nothing specific is going on in my life, everything is like usual.”
    • The opening bracket ((( represents sadness or crying.
    • Гы [gy] (Гыы, Гыыы). Some time ago, this meant “LOL.” It was used by less-educatedpeople, so it still gives the slight impression of dumbness. However, in the modern Russian text lingo, it shows the delight of the speaker. For example:
      • Да ты просто молодец!) (Da ty prosto molodets!) “Well done!”
      • Гыыыы)) (Gyyy) *Expressing delight from appreciation of the effort*
      • Note! Да (Da) here is also a sentence opener.
    • Лол (Lol) means “LOL.” In gamer conversations, thisis short for “League of Legends.”
    • Ггг [Ggg] (гг, гггг) expresses understanding of a joke, but not necessarily a laugh. For example:
      • Хватит дома сидеть, пойдём гулять. (Khvatit doma sidet`, poydyom gulyat`.) “Stop sitting at home, let’s go for a walk.”
      • Чо, время такое, зима близко 🙂 (Cho, vremya takoe, zima blizko.) “Well, that’s not me, that’s the time. The winter is coming.”
      • Дешёвые отмазки) (Deshyovye otmazki.)“Poor excuse.”
      • гг)) раскусила)) (Gg raskusila.) “LOL. You got me.”
    • Хах (hah), ахаха (ahaha), хаха (haha), and хахаха (hahaha) mean “LOL” and can be replaced with two or more brackets.
    • Кек (Kek) ultimately comes from Korean ㅋㅋ (kk) and means “LOL.” This is less used than the other ones, but may be appreciated by younger Russians who enjoyfresh ways of expressing laughter in texting.
    • Ыыы (Yyy) means “LOL.” It expresses the crying sound you make after laughing for too long, and has the same meaning and impression as Гыыы (Gyyy).
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    2- Expressing Opinion or Emotions in Russian Text Slang

    • Имхо (imho) means “IMHO.” This is hardly used by millennials, but is still well-known and used by an older generation. Just keep this Russian slangabbreviation in mind.
    • Хз (kheze) is short for хрен знает (khren znaet), хуй знает (khui znaet) and means “I don’t know.” Without a smiling bracket it sounds too harsh, so it’s better to put ( or ) after that—or more brackets, if you want to express strong emotions.
    • Мб (mb) is short for может быть (mozhet byt`) and means “Maybe.”
    • OMГ (OMG) simply means “OMG.”
    • Ппц(Ppts) is short for пипец (pipets) and also means “OMG.” The word is a softer version of the obsolete verb пиздец (pizdets). This word originates from пизда (pizda) which means “c*nt.” Ппц (ppts) or пипец (pipets) has almost lost the obsolete meaning and is quite commonly used in Russian SMS slang.

    3- Russian Shorthands for Texting Nouns

    • МЧ (Emche) is short for молодой человек(“boyfriend”).
    • Выхи (Vykhi) is short for выходные (“weekend”).
    • Вел (Vel); велик (velik) is short for велосипед (“bike”).
    • Зп (Zepe) is short for заработная плата (“salary”).
    • Нг (Enge) is short for новый год (“New Year holiday”).
    • Тыща (Tyshcha) is short for тысяча (“thousand”).
    • Лям (lyam) is shortfor миллион (“million”).
    • Комп (Komp) is short for компьютер (“computer”).
    • Инет (Inet) is short for интернет (“Internet”).
    • Ноут (Nout) is short for ноутбук (“laptop”).
    • Анон (Anon) is short for аноним (“anonymous”).
    • Чел (Chel) is short for человек (“person”).

    4- Other Russian Texting Abbreviations

    There are twoways to shorten the words. The first one is to write the word the way it sounds in a spoken language (e.g. «щас»). The second one is to leave in only the first letters or syllables of the word.

    • Ща (Shcha); щас (shchas) is short for сейчас (“now”).
    • Норм (Norm) is short for нормально (“ok; good”).
    • Ток (Tok); тока (toka) is short for только (“only”).
    • Те(Te); тя (tya) is short for тебе; тебя (“you”). It’s mostly used when imitating a childlike or cute speech.
    • Се (Se); ся (sya) is short for себе; себя (“me; to me”). It’s mostly used when imitating a childlike or cute speech.
    • Ваще (Vashche); аще (ashche) is short for вообще (“in general; at all”).
    • Эт (Et) is short for это (“this”).
    • Чо (Cho);че (chyo); чё (chyo) is short for что (“what”).
    • Чот (Chot) is short for что-то (“rather; a bit; quiet”).
    • Кто-нить (Kto-nit`) is short for кто-нибудь (“anybody; somebody”). The particle -нибудь in other words can also be shortened to -нить. It can be used with or without a hyphen.
    • Пасиб (Pasib); пасиба (pasiba); пасибоу (pasibou) is short for спасибо(“thanks”).
    • Пжст (Pzhst); пжлст (pzhlst) is short for пожалуйста (“please”).
    • Здрасте (Zdraste) is short for здравствуйте; здравствуй (“hello”), and is very common.
    • Дратути (Dratuti) is short for здравствуйте; здравствуй (“hello”). It’s used mainly for texting gamers or schoolchildren. The abbreviation comes from internet memes.
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    Useful fact! Tomemorize words better, input the word in Russian + мем (mem) in Google search, and you will see different memes with this word.

    • Прост (Prost) is short for просто (“just; easy”).
    • Чтоль (Chtol`) is short for что ли (“perhaps”).
    • Наверн (Navern) is short for наверно; наверное (“probably”).
    • Канеш (Kanesh); канешн (kaneshn) is short for конечно(“of course”).
    • Скок (Skok); скока (skoka) is short for сколько (“how much; how many”).
    • Сток (Stok); стока (stoka) is short for столько (“so much; so many”).
    • Седня (Syodnya); сёдня (syodnya) is short for сегодня (“today”).
    • Низя (Nizya) is short for нельзя (“must not”). It’s mostly used when imitating a childlike or cute speech.
    • Спс(Sps) is short for спасибо (“thanks”).
    • Хорош (Horosh) is short for хорошо (“good; okay”). In slang, хорош (horosh) means “stop it.”

    5- Shortened Verbs and Expressions

    Verbs that end with -тся (-tsya) or -ться (-t`sya) are sometimes written with a -ца (-tsa) ending.

    Particles such as б (b) and ж (zh) used next to я (ya), ты (ty),and other pronouns in text slang are often typed without spacing: яж (yazh); тыб (tyb).

    6- Obsolete Russian Abbreviations

    • Нах (Nah) is short for нахуй (nahuy) and translates as “to dick,” meaning “f*ck this.”
    • Пох (Poh) is short for похуй (pohuy) and translates as “till dick,” meaning “I don’t care.”

    3. Russian Internet Slang Words

    These are words that come from the internet or internet memes. Most of them appeared over the last two or three years and aren’t familiar to oldergenerations or people who don’t use the internet a lot.

    • Баян (Bayan) is a Russian accordion, and basically means an old joke.
    • Котэ (Kote) translates as “cat.” This is just an internet version of the common Russian word кот (kot) “cat.”
    • Ламповый (lampovyy) is an adjective and is translated as “with a lamp.” Essentially, this means something mellow, heartfelt, or sincere.
    • Ору(Oru) means “I’m laughing like crazy.”
    • Печалька (Pechal`ka); печаль (pechal`) means “sad” or “too bad,” and could also mean “not the result I wanted.”
    • Тролль (Troll`) is translated as “troll,” meaning a provocative person.
    • Фейспалм (Facepalm) is a well-known word from English.
    • Холивар (Kholivar) comes from the English “holy war” andbasically means a quarrel.

    4. Fun Exercise: Rewrite the Sentences Using Russian Texting Slang

    1. Use internet slang and acronyms to rewrite the dialogue. The solutions are provided at the end of this article. The text on the image doesn’t need to be revised.

    Source: https://vk.com/wall-55623462_233497

    (On the image:) (Kogda smotrish igru prestolov):, (Ya: mne tak nravitsya etot personazh), (nadeyus’ on ne umryot): (personazh).


    When you are watching Game of Thrones, say things like, “I love this character so much; I hope he doesn’t die,” etc.

    2. Decipher the dialogue next. Swap out slang and acronyms for common words.

    1. Аня (Anya):[Sends the image above] Олег (Oleg): Смешно. Но старая шутка же. Аня (Anya): Ну не знаю. Только увидела. Олег (Oleg): Смешно. Что на выходных делаешь? Аня (Anya): Вообще не знаю. Олег (Oleg): Пойдем на велосипедах кататься? Аня (Anya): Пойдем!

    2. Лена (Lena): За компом? Даша(Dasha): Ага Лена (Lena): Посмотри скок сегодня градусов на улице пжст) Даша (Dasha): А че мне за это будет?)) Лена (Lena): Даша!!! Хорош, прекрати Даша (Dasha): ыыы) +18 Лена (Lena): о, норм, тепло. спс Даша (Dasha): 😉

    5. Bonus: Great Websites to Practice Your Russian Texting Slang Skills

    1. Interpals For beginners and higherlevels. This is a great place to find language exchange partners. Many Russians use this website and will be happy to help you with your Russian texting skills.

    2. VK For middle and higher levels. If you’re learning Russian, you most likely already have an account on VK. If not, stop reading and register there immediately. It’s a Russian version of Facebook which is used by nearly every Russian. It has a great baseof easily accessible user-generated content useful for Russian-language learners—video, audio, and books (even more than you can find on YouTube). There are also several different groups and communities that you can join. It’ll be a great opportunity to practice and meet new Russian friends who will be more than happy to explain and show you how to text in Russian. Here’s a community that publishes funny notes and has open comments:https://vk.com/dfzwe4. Practice!

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    3. 2ch For upper-intermediate and advanced levels. This is a trending Russian chat consisting mostly of schoolchildren and students. Though the website UI is quite complicated, you can find and practice the newest and most trending Russian slang words and abbreviations with real Russians. Be aware, though, that schoolchildren might berude.

    6. Conclusion

    One final piece of advice: only shorten one or two words in your texts rather than all of them. The message will come off as somewhat stupid if not.

    So you’re an expert at texting in Russian slang and abbreviations. You can put your newly acquired knowledge to use and meet new Russian friends in an endless space of Russian chat rooms and online forums.

    Keep reading RussianPod101 and learn interesting Russian words and expressions thatyou can start using right away.

    7. Answer Key

    Please be aware that there might be multiple ways to interpret the correct response.

    1. ) ) ) (Anya): (Oleg) . (Oleg): . ? (Anya): . Anya: (Oleg)? (Oleg):!).

    2. (Lena): (Dasha)?. (Lena): , , . Lena: (to Dasha)! (Lena)! (Dasha)::-) 18 (Lena):,, ! (Dasha): ;-).

    [/lightweight-accordion]What does this symbol mean? :

    Additional Question — What does 3 dots mean in texting?

    What does 7 mean in texting?

    Share The number 7 represents the total number of letters in the phrase love you, the 2 represents the number of words, and the 1 tells us that the term has one meaning What does TTYL mean dirty?

    What does mean in texting?

    symbolizes sexual contact or protecting against bad luck. Ejaculation

    What is this symbol called {}?

    Curly Brackets The curly bracket () symbol is used to indicate repeated or joined lines within a sentence as well as in formulae that are used to derive something. It is also known as the brace.

    What is * used for in texting?

    The symbol * is a star. Specifically, it is used to point out that a different section of the text contains more details about a particular topic.

    What does 3 mean from a girl?

    means she loves you. For many girls, sending a <3 is a way of saying, "I like you as more than a friend." Maybe she's crushing on you and finally has the courage to say how she feels, or she's your girlfriend sending a quick "I love you" text.

    What does ♀ mean in text?

    an individual who is upright. commonly used, especially on TikTok, to convey awkwardness Comparable in appearance to Woman Walking, but presented facing forward and with no indication of motion.

    What does IG mean in text?

    While IG typically refers to Instagram, the company owned by Meta (, in text messages and chat, it usually just means “I guess” (either to express agreement or ironic certainty through skepticism and reluctance; frequently accompanied by eye-rolling)

    What does 🅿 mean on Instagram?

    is just an emoji that Gunna is using to advertise his new song Pushin P; it has no real meaning. The words “CAPITAL” appear in his bio, and he frequently adds emojis to his captions. Essentially, he substitutes for every instance of the letter ‘p’ in his writing.

    What does OG stand for?

    For OG Noun, the history and etymology. First Gangster

    What does DF mean in texting?

    On online dating sites, such as Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk and Match.com, DF usually means “Disease Free” or “Drug Free.”

    What does 2k mean in texting?

    2k is a quick way of writing “talk”, which is used online or in texts to save on characters. The term combines the “t” from “2” and the “k” to sound like “talk”.

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