What is the cost of Paithani saree?

Paithani sarees , or “blue sarees”, are a popular and highly-rated type of clothing in India . They are typically worn by women for formal and cultural purposes. The cost of a Paithani saree can vary greatly, depending on the quality and style of the saree.
The cost of a Paithani saree depends on the size and color of the saree. The larger the sarees, the more expensive they will be. The colors vary too, so it is hard to say how much money you would need to spend to get a perfect match. Generally speaking, one can expect to pay anywhere from Rs 100-200 for a Paithani saree.
What is the cost of Paithani saree? : Online Shopping at Myntra Price List
Online Shopping at Myntra

Mitera Lime Green & Red Ethnic Motifs Brasso Paithani Saree

Rs. 2999

Mitera Black Ethnic Motifs Zari Silk Blend Paithani Saree
Rs. 1919

VASTRANAND Green Ethnic Motifs Zari Silk Cotton Paithani Saree
Rs. 1270

What is special about Paithani saree?

The Paithani saree is well-known for its unique weaving technique. The entire process – from dyeing of the yarn to weaving – is done by hand.

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Which Paithani is best?

Top 20 Paithani Saree Designs
Baby Pink And Lilac With Peacock Motifs.
Parrot Green Body And Orange Embellished Pallu.
White And Chilli Red Saree With Oblique Border.
Checked Body And Orange Pallu.
Purple Saree With Gold Bangdi Booti And Oblique Border.
Orange Saree With Paisley Design And Real Zari.

Where is Paithani sarees from?

Background: Paithani is a type of saree, named after the Paithan region in Maharashtra state where they are woven by hand. Made from very fine mulberry silk, it is considered one of the richest sarees in Maharashtra.

Additional Question — What is the cost of Paithani saree?

Which saree is the queen of sarees?

Paithani sarees are considered to be one of the most prestigious and luxurious fabrics in the world. They are worn by Maharashtrian brides, symbolising the spirit of true Maharashtrian culture. Only royals and aristocrats once wore them.

Why is Paithani so expensive?

The materials used to make paithani are very expensive. Paithani saree’s body is made from pure silk, whereas the pallu and the border are made from pure gold and silver zari. The cost of these materials is rather expensive.

How can you tell if Paithani is real?

To identify a real Paithani saree, inspect its designs on both sides. They must be mirror images of one another. A saree with visible threads on its reverse side proves it was machine-made and, thus, a fake. A genuine Paithani also uses specific colors (blue, purple, magenta) and is heavy.

Which saree is famous in Maharashtra?

The famous traditional silk sarees of Maharashtra are the Paithani sarees.

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Which place is best for Paithani saree?

Apart from these, you can visit the cities Paithan, Aurangabad, or Yeola near Nasik. You can shop directly from the manufacturers and weavers for exclusive sarees. So, from the thick golden border to motif borders, there are numerous options available at the weaving centers.

Is Paithani pure silk?

Yeola Paithani is a handwoven saree made with very fine silk, a rich ornamental zari border and pallu. It is known as Rajvastra making it one of the most expensive sarees in India.

Conclusion :

Paithani saree is a high-quality product that can be judged by its color, texture, and overall design. To ensure quality, inspect the product from a quality control standpoint to ensure consistency. Compare the prices of different types of Paithani saree to assess the quality of the product you are buying. Finally, assess the quality of the Paithani saree you are purchasing before making a purchase.

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